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Memory foam bed wedge pillow

  • Foam Material: Top foam is 4lb density(65kg/m3) memory foam.
  • Base foam 2lb(32kg/m3) regular foam.
  • Supportive polyurethane foam base with 1ˇ memory foam topping comes with a zippered, removable and washable cover with zipper off.
  • Fire Retardant. Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Ideal for asthma and other allergy sufferers
  • Highly versatile .
  • Can be used as orthopedic back, neck, head and leg support.
  • Alleviates breathing problems, indigestion, heartburn and enhances circulation, perfect pregnancy aid.
  • Provides the ultimate in comfort and support.
  • Designed for people with problem breathing, poor circulation, hiatus hernia, back or neck problems, acid indigestion or reflux.
  • The wedge enable the user to get the body into a Zero-Gravity position, relieving stress and strain on the lower back.